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Monica & Rachel

Pet photographer in North Florida

As a pet photographer in North Florida, I get to meet a lot of really cool pets! However, that means that my own pups often get the short end of the stick. Well, I finally took out my camera to photograph them in their natural habitat… playing! Monica and Rachel are full siblings, just a few litters a part; Monica is 2 years old and Rachel just turned one. They are constantly playing with each other, and as Goldendoodles, they have a ton of energy. I really enjoyed taking photos of them. The goal was to get a few decent photos for prints, but the girls couldn’t stop playing… so I dumped out all of their toys on the couch and ran with it! I hope that taking these photos motivate me to photograph them more regularly. Isn’t it funny how the photographer’s animals never get their photos taken? Kind of like the saying, the cobblers children never have shoes!

My favorite thing about being a pet photographer in North Florida is capturing the dog’s personality. Each dog has a different personality that makes them unique, and dear to our hearts. Lifestyle pet sessions are a great way to showcase an animals’ personality. With a lifestyle session they’re free to  be themselves versus being forced to stand still and pose. Yes, getting those posed photos is great to see what the animal looks like, but I really enjoy photographing them as who they really are. I love to capture the bond between a dog and their mom (their human mom, that is!). There are many things we can incorporate to make lifestyle sessions unique. We can use the dogs favorite toys, bribe with their favorite treats, and do the tricks that you’ve spent so long teaching them.

If you’re interested in a lifestyle session with you pet, let’s set something up! Fill out the contact form at the bottom of this page to contact me. You can view more of my pet portraits here.

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Monica and Rachel