Horse Photography on the Beach in Florida

Laura & Shana

Horse photography on the beach in Florida with the beautiful Laura, from Laura Ashley Dressage, and her half Arabian mare, Shana. This session was a styled photoshoot arranged by the Equine Photography Retreat earlier this year in Wellington. We had about 15 photographers on the beach photographing Laura and Shana. It is amazing to see the various styles, and photos, created by the photographers there. Laura lunged Shana for a portion of the shoot, then she tacked up and rode for us for a few minutes. Laura and Shana have an amazing connection together and you can see the hours of work that Laura has spent training Shana. Shana had never been to the beach before, but she handled it like a champ! I really enjoyed photographing Shana, she is a talented mare with amazing movement. It was beautiful to see her showing off her talents on the Florida coastline!

I have photographed many portrait sessions on the beach in Florida. I have photographed high school seniors, engagement photos, and weddings on the beach. I have even ridden my own mare on the beach more than once. However, I have never had the pleasure of photographing a horse on the beach. I would love to take photos of another horse on the beach! The scenery was just spectacular, the rushing, blue waves contrasted perfectly with the horse. The only thing I will say I could do without is the strong wind! For Shana, the wind worked magically, but for Laura she struggled to get her beautiful, long, blonde hair to blow in the right direction. Either way, these photos turned out beautiful and I’m thankful to have gotten attend this photoshoot. If you want to take your horse to the beach for a horse and rider session, let’s get to planning your portrait session on the beach!

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Photos of a horse on the beach on the east coast of Florida. Horseback riding on the beach in Florida Horse riding on the beach on Florida's east coast

Horse and Rider

Laura and Shana