Posing Ideas for Senior Boys

Alex McCollum

Guy senior photographer in North Florida

I often get asked for posing ideas for senior boys, so here are some ideas featuring a recent Branford High School 2020 graduate, Alex McCollum! Alex has given his mom so much to be proud of! He graduated in the top 10% in his class, has big plans for college, and wants to go to college for cross country. I have known Alex’s family for a few years, I photographed his sister, Skye, a few years ago. However, I have never had the pleasure of meeting Alex until his senior session. We had a lot of fun during Alex’s session, and he was so easy to work with! He has a killer, “model material”, serious face, but also the biggest smile. After spending just a few hours with Alex, I can clearly see why his mom is proud to show him off! Not to mention, we also had gorgeous lighting for one of my first sessions back since quarantine.

Being a senior guy photographer is pretty fun, in my opinion. The boys are really easy to pose, easy going, and they know that the sooner they do as I ask… the sooner they get to leave! I always tell my boys that it really won’t be that bad. We do a lot of talking, walking to different locations, and changing outfits. One of the key tips I can give to photographing senior boys is keeping them moving. If they stay still for too long, they start to get bored! The last thing you want from a senior, specifically boys, is for them to be bored during their session. We do a lot of posing to be sure we get photos that the boys and their momma’s LOVE! If you’re hesitant to book a senior portrait session for your boy senior, don’t worry, I promise it will be fun! You can contact me on the form on the bottom of this page to get your senior session planning started.

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