South Georgia Senior Photographer


South georgia senior photographer.

The Suwannee River is one of my favorite places to photograph because it is in my home town. Being a south Georgia senior photographer and taking photos of my girls by the river is even better! The Suwannee River is gorgeous, I have seen some of the most beautiful sunsets along this river. Although the dark water is a little intimidating, most of us locals have spent many summers swimming in that murky water. A lot of my high school seniors choose to take their senior pictures along the river for this reason. Florida’s state song is even written about this river! “Way down upon the Suwannee River, far far away. That’s where my heart is yearning ever, home where the old folks stay,” Does that sound familiar to you? Local residents joke that it is comical that the state song is about our small town that most of the state doesn’t even know exists!

Paisley is one of my senior models for the 2020-21 school year, isn’t she absolutely stunning?! Ironically, I have known of Paisley for years. When I was in high school I had many friends who danced with a local dance studio, Danceology. Paisley was a dancer there too (still is!) and was always dancing with the older kids. I remember going to dance recitals where she was dancing with my friends—now here she is all grown up! We had a blast during Paisley’s senior photos. Paisley’s personality is so bright, and she is a joy to be around. I assume that she got her personality from her mom who was making funny faces and dancing behind me to keep Paisley giggling. I love when moms come along to their daughters senior portrait session. It can be a great bonding experience as the moms get to be apart of the senior memories of their daughters.

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Paisley – 2021 Senior