Equine Fine Art Project

Every Spot Matter, Diamond & Maximus

Equine fine art with leopard appaloosa horse and miniature horse.

This could be the cutest pair in my equine fine art project, Every Spot Matters. Diamond and Maximus are best friends who happen to resemble each other quite a bit. Diamond is a bay leopard Appaloosa mare, and little Max is a black Appaloosa Miniature Horse. The pair have become inseparable since they met a few months ago. My favorite part about this project is learning about the horses I am photographing. I am a firm believer that every horse is special, and each horse deserves a chance to prove their worth. In my opinion, spotted horses are often overlooked because of their loud coloring. However, they are incredibly emotive and willing to please their riders. You always know what an Appaloosa mare is thinking, and Diamond is proof of that!

Diamond & Maximus

Diamond is her human’s heart horse. A heart horse is often described as a horse version of a soulmate. If you are lucky, you find a heart horse at least once in your years of horse ownership. Diamond came to her owner, Crystal, as a malnourished broodmare. After gaining weight and becoming a healthy horse again, Diamond became the horse Crystal always hoped to have. She is a safe ride for both Crystal and her small daughters, greets everyone at the gate, and loves children. Right now Diamond is Crystal’s main horse, but in a few years she will be passed down to Crystal’s daughters to ride. Being trusted with children is one of the highest achievements a horse can have, it is no wonder that Crystal has fallen in love with Diamond.

Maximus is new to the herd, and has only been with Diamond for a few months. He came to Crystal with limited training, but has been docile enough for her oldest daughter to train him. He stands at a huge 48” tall and has the cutest personality. Max is only five, so his sassy, mischievous personality is boastful. It is evident that Max thinks he is the man of the herd, though he is only a fraction of Diamond’s size. Maximus is currently in training to become a mount for Crystal’s youngest daughter. Eventually, Max will be a riding and driving pony as his training progresses.

Every Spot Matters Project

Every Spot Matters is a project that I created to showcase spotted breeds. Too often spotted breeds are not appreciated for their ability, their unique features, or their personality. Many people will overlook a spotted breed because of their coloring, regardless of the horse’s other traits. I do think that everyone can have their preferences as to what color horses they like, but I want to show that color should not be a determining factor when purchasing or showing horses. I have seen many advertisements for horses that state “NO paints, NO Apploosas”. The horses I have met through this project have such strong personalities; it would be a mistake to dismiss them because of their color. Instead, I think we should embrace their color that makes them stand out from the crowd.

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Horse and Rider

Diamond and Maximus – ESMP