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I believe that every bride deserves a professional wedding album. There is nothing that will compare to showing your children your wedding album. Imagine ten years from now, you and your family are having a lazy Sunday and someone asks to pull out mom and dad’s wedding album. You all sit gather together and start flipping through your album. Your daughter points to photos and asks “Who is that?” and you get to tell her about her Great Grandmother. Your son points to a photo and asks “What is that?” and you tell him of the gifts that his father had given you with the exact latitude and longitude of the place you were married. Wedding albums are more than “just a book of photos”, they tell stories much bigger than your wedding day. They spark conversations that otherwise would go unknown. At some point, a memory starts to fade unless you have a way to capture it and retell it.

How will you remember your wedding day? Will you have wall art that stays on the wall for decades? Will you have a professional wedding album? Or will you just have a USB that it misplaced somewhere in a drawer? I’m not saying that there is a right or wrong way to remember your wedding day, or to remember any photos that you have taken. However, I am saying that you need to have a way to remember your precious memories to carry them onto the next generation. These memories aren’t for you now, they’re for you in the future and your future family. If it were me, I would make sure I had a wedding album that would last and one that told the story perfectly from start to finish.

Professional wedding album in North Florida and South Georgia


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