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Tarrin, Lego, and Ty

Horse and rider photographer in Gainesville, FL.

Getting to photograph at my home barn is always fun since Wynfield Farm is gorgeous! Being a horse photographer in Gainesville I get to see a lot of pretty barns. There is something about the nature at Wynfield that is so stunning. Ella loves her critters and her plants, so the farm is always lush with greenery. There are many times while walking to the ring that I see butterflies pollinating the plants. The best feature at Wynfield would be the large oak tree. It is a must-have when I photograph there and everyone at the barn loves it! Tarrin is no exception, the tree was first on her list when we scheduled her horse and rider session. Tarrin said she has been wanting a photo of her bareback on Ty in front of the huge tree for years, well she finally has it!

When Tarrin contacted me about being a horse photographer in Gainesville I was super excited! I have known Tarrin for a few years and she is at a crossroad with her horses. She has leased Ty for several years, but is almost ready to move onto her own horse. Lego was purchased as a yearling. Tarrin has been watching him grow up, waiting for the day she could start riding him. Lego has been in training with Wynfields owner/trainer, Ella, for several months now and soon Tarrin will be riding him herself. It is always bitter sweet when riders get to move on from one horse to another, but Ty has been such a good mount for Tarrin and I know she will continue giving him cookies daily. I cannot wait to see where Tarrin and Lego go together and am glad I was able to capture this time in their relationship!

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Horse and Rider

Tarrin, Lego, and Ty