Pony of the Americas in Florida

Pony of the Americas in Florida


My “Every Spot Matters” photography project features multiple spotted horse breeds, today I am featuring a Pony of the Americas in Florida. I have always thought that POA horses were adorable, and Prudence did not disappoint when I took photos of her. The POA breed is very similar to Appaloosas, just in pony form. They have the same color patterns (snowcap, leopard, blanket, etc.) and share mottled skin and white sclera around the eyes. POAs were originally bred by crossing an Arabian/Appaloosa cross with a Shetland. Many POAs have a slight dished face due to the original Arabian breeding in their lineage. Prudence has a slight dished face with large eyes showing her relation to the original POA lineage. POAs are known for being family breeds because they are small enough for children to gain confidence on, while being stocky enough for an adult to ride.

Prudence has been with Virginia’s family for several years now. She started as her old sister’s pony, then was passed down to Virginia. Virginia has only been riding horses for a few short years, but has grown with Prudence. Virginia says that Prudence is a great pony, but she is challenging. Prudence knows when, and how much, to challenge Virginia to make her a better rider. This traits seems to be prominent in most spotted breeds. Some may consider it sassy, or moody, but to the spot-loving equestrian, we appreciate it because it makes us grow as riders. Virginia has been showing Prudence all over North Florida in hunter/jumpers. Their goal as a pair is to start competing in cross country within the next year. I cannot wait to see how much they grow together!

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Fine art photos of POA in Florida. Florida POAC creative photographs.

A girl with her POA in north florida takes cute, sentimental photos with her pony.

Horse and Rider

Prudence, ESMP