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Cap and gown senior pictures in North Florida

Congratulations to Jessie! I loved taking his cap and gown senior pictures. I photographed Jessie a few months ago for his senior portraits, he is so photogenic and a pure gentleman. While I took his senior portraits, I got to meet his girlfriend, Kylee. Jessie and Kylee are high school sweethearts and the sweetest pair. I was thrilled when they asked me to do cap and gown senior pictures and prom photos. Like most schools, Jessie’s senior prom was cancelled. However, they didn’t want the dress to go to waste so they decided to have professional photos taken. I could photograph this pair all day long, the way Jessie makes Kylee giggle is just adorable! Not to mention, Kylee looked stunning in her pink ballgown.

I have known the Altmans for a few years at this point. Their family property is stunning. I photographed Brooklyn, the oldest child, and Jessie on their property. The “Gulf” sign was put up by their grandfather several decades ago and has become an iconic photoop for the Altmans. I am happy to be able to provide these sentimental memories for them. Another iconic piece of their property is the old white building. I always assumed it was an old house, or an old storage building. Jessie’s father told me that it is actually an old school house. When Jessie’s grandfather was told that the school house was being torn down, he bought it and relocated it to his property where the building still stands today. I love hearing about stories like this from my clients. It makes the portraits we take together so important. This building won’t stay standing forever, but it will always be in the photos that we created together.

You can view Jessie’s senior portraits here.

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