Dressage Horse and Rider Portraits

Allison and Hank

Dressage horse and rider portraits in Ocala, FL.

Dressage horse and rider portraits are always a blast because the horses are so gorgeous! Hank was no exception; he is stunning. Allison wanted us to take some photos of him under saddle and I was amazed by his movement. I will be honest; it was a little distracting because I wanted to watch him instead of taking his photos! Zarembowicz Sport Horses has a beautiful property in Ocala, Florida, their riding/carriage field was the perfect place for action photos. I love how the sun was setting behind the Live Oak trees. Typically equine action photographers take photos with the sun. However, I wanted to mix it up and take them with the sun behind my horse and rider. The outcome was great in my opinion. The sun made Hank glow even more and accentuated his movement.

After giving Hank a little bit of a warm-up, we came back to the barn for some dressage horse and rider portraits. Allison and Hank have a unique bond. Hank is a silly boy and kept Allison giggling the entire time. One of our favorite photos from the day was Hank at the cross ties. While Allison groomed him, Hank decided to show us how much he appreciated it with a smile! One of my favorite features of Hank is probably his amber colored eyes. I have always heard that you can tell a lot about a horse from their eyes and Hank’s are not only gorgeous, but curious and affectionate. I had a great time photographing Allison and Hank’s dressage horse and rider portraits. Not only was the lighting amazing, but I do think that the models were pretty great too! Thank you for all of the laughs, Allison and Hank, it was a pleasure to photograph you!

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Horse and Rider

Allison and Hank