Fine Art Horse Portraits


Fine art horse portraits in North Florida and South Georgia

One of the goals of Every Spot Matters is to create beautiful fine art horse portraits, but for very specific horses. I wanted each horse to be different and to have a different story. While looking for horses the number one requirement was to have spots (obviously!), the second requirement was a unique story. I was able to photograph horses of all shapes, sizes, colors, and each of them has something totally different to share. Chief is no exception, he is the only Spotted Saddle Horse photographed for Every Spot Matters. I specifically wanted to include a gaited breed to show the versatility of spotted horses. Chief is owned by Hannah Burdon and is her heart horse. I love that the horses I chose for this project are so special to their owners.


Chief is an old man now, so his fine art horse portraits are really special to his mom. He has seen a lot in his life, and I wish he could talk to tell us about it. At one time Chief was a mounted fire-patrol horse. Could you imagine the stories he could tell from working with the fire-patrol? He retired to being a trail horse at a riding ranch after retiring from the mounted fire-patrol. I’m sure he has carried hundreds of people through hours of trails. Hannah works as a guide for trail rides at the ranch Chief worked at. She jumped on the opportunity of owning him when he retired from guided trail rides. Chief and Hannah had a bond for years and he was a special horse at the ranch to her. Now, he gets to enjoy casual trail rides with just his mom, but mostly just love and treats. Both Chief and Hannah are thrilled to enjoy each other’s company in Chief’s final retirement home.

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