Appaloosa Horse Photographer

Allie & Jupiter

Appaloosa horse photographer in Florida.

The most special thing about being an Appaloosa horse photographer is seeing the different patterns and personalities of the horses. Jupiter has a loud color pattern, and also a loud personality. He is so emotive, it makes him a pleasure to be around! I loved the vibe that Allie planned for their portrait session. Allie owns Five Hammocks Farm in Alachua, FL. She has various animals including horses, goat, cows, chickens, and more! Allie does the work on the farm herself, and the farm is gorgeous! They have the perfect pond oasis for anyone wanting to get away for a weekend. There are even small cottages that you can rent on air-bnb to enjoy the oasis.

Jupiter has been owned by Allie for several years. In that time, they have built an incredible bond. They both feed off each other’s energy and have an unspoken language together. The pair has done countless things together, but mostly just enjoy each other’s company. Jupiter made a trip into town in Gainesville for a protest where his message was presented loudly. I love that Allie uses her passions to share her ideas with other people. Horses are amazing in the way that they’re noticed, and in turn so is their message. Jupiter was a special addition to the Every Spot Matters project because of his sound mind. I don’t know about you, but there are few horses who can tolerate being in the middle of a city during a protest! It was a pleasure to get to meet Allie and Jupiter, it made my Appaloosa horse photographer heart happy! I am glad to know these two and cannot wait to see where their mission takes off to in the next few years.

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Horse and Rider

Allie & Jupiter