Senior Photos on the Farm


Senior photos on the farm in North Florida by professional photographer.

When Karson told me she wanted to take her senior photos on the farm, I was totally for it. I am not a fan of cows, but I am a fan of rustic things and wide-open fields. I have loved the trend of people turning old silos into buildings, a lot of wedding venues have started doing this. However, old silos in their natural form are gorgeous. They tell a story of a working farm from decades ago. These two silos still sit at their original location on Karson’s grandmother’s land. It is super sentimental to Karson to include these in her senior session. My favorite thing about senior portraits is including things or places that are unique to each senior. Everyone wants “to be different” and including family heirlooms and traditions is that perfect way to make your senior photo session different from your friends’ photos.

Cattle have always been a big part of Karson’s family, so of course she wanted to include them in her senior photos on the farm. It was hilarious trying to get the cows to come up to us. Finally, one cow let Karson pet it… except then it started chewing on her clothes! We could not stop laughing during her session. The large cow field was perfect during the sunset for Karson’s pictures. Once the sun started to hit the horizon, we had beautiful light come through. My favorite thing about photographing on family property is the light. Often the sunsets on family land is gorgeous! Karson and I had a blast photographing and playing with cows until the sun finally dipped too low over the horizon. If you are hesitant about doing photos on your property, let’s chat about seeing how we can make them gorgeous… just like Karson’s!

Ideas for using a farm for senior photos at sunset. Senior pictures taken with cows on a farm in North Florida by pro photographer. Silos used in senior pictures in North Florida.

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