Horse and Rider Session during the Golden Hour

Mackenzie, JW, & Easy

Horse and rider session during the golden hour in Gainesville, FL.

It is no surprise that my favorite sessions are horse and rider session during the golden hour in Gainesville, FL. I purposely always set my sessions for about 2 hours before sunset. This gives us time to change outfits, make sure the ponies look their best, and to catch the light when it is just right. I have enjoyed sunsets at Wynfield Farms in Archer for years. I started taking horseback riding lessons at Wynfield in college and always ended up at the barn around sunset time. The sunsets there are spectacular! Mackenzie and JW (Point and Shoot) ended up with beautiful golden sunshine during their horse and rider session. It was a typical late summer day in Florida: hot an muggy. Mackenzie, JW, and Easy still managed to look fabulous! I had a great time with them and love the photos that we created together.

Mackenzie and JW have a precious story together. We all remember our “first pony” or the horse that “started it all”. Sometimes it the horse you first fell in love with, other times it is the horse who you accomplished a lot with. For Mackenzie, JW did both! They started their journey together when JW was still green under saddle. After working with JW for months, Mackenzie qualified him for Pony Finals. Together they made the trip to Kentucky in 2019 for their first Pony Finals. It was surely an experience during her childhood years that Mackenzie will never forget! Mackenzie has moved up and started riding Easy, a Thoroughbred. JW will always have that special place in Mackenzie’s heart, but I cannot wait to see what her and Easy are able to accomplish together. I am so glad that Mackenzie wanted a portrait session to remember her time with JW by.

Child with pony and horse has professional photography done. Fine art portraits of pony finals horse in Gainesville, FL. Girl takes photos with her pony finals horse in Gainesville, FL. Girl with her off the track thoroughbred horse in Florida. Horse and rider session during the golden hour with black pony and girl. Outfits to wear with black horses. Pony finals horse and child photos during sunset.

Horse and Rider

Mackenzie, JW, and Easy