Senior Takes Photos with Tractors


Senior takes photos with tractors on the farm in Live Oak, FL

I have had seniors take photos with tractors before, but not quite like Paige wanted to. When Paige told me she wanted to take photos on her family farm, I was ecstatic! Farms are my favorite places for portraits because they have beautiful light (most of the time). She also mentioned that she wanted to take photos with tractors. When we arrived at her family farm, I realized that we were taking photos with multiple tractors! Her sweet dad had lined them all up for us, and even moved them where I asked for the best lighting. Each of these tractors had their own story. They were at one point bought and used by one of Paige’s family members. I think that it is so sweet that Paige wanted to use this little piece of family heritage in her senior pictures!

Paige loves animals and hopes to be a veterinarian one day. She would be perfect for the job! She told me about a few of the cattle that they have on their property. One was bottle fed due to some injuries he had while born and he loves humans. He was so cute walking around their backyard. Another, Firecracker, has become Paige’s favorite cow. Animals are mostly unpredictable, so when we went to take photos with Firecracker… she of course wanted no part! We spent a few minutes waiting on her to warm up to the idea. I ended up getting the most hysterical photo of Firecracker stepping in front of the camera and Paige laughing in the background. I had such a great time learning about Paige and seeing a little bit of their family farm. If you are hesitant about including animals or family property in your senior session… just do it! You will not regret it.

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Senior pictures with tractors posing ideas.

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Paige – 2021 Senior