Cloudy Senior Pictures in Florida


Cloudy senior pictures in Florida

If there is anything I have learned about living in Florida is how to take cloudy senior pictures in Florida. Florida has the most unpredictable weather! It is raining one minute, the next super sunny. One day the forecast says sun, then suddenly it changes to torrential downpours. The unpredictability of weather makes it really hard to determine if a session needs to be rescheduled or not. A lot of my seniors want the beautiful golden hour, but that is hard to guarantee in Florida! I have learned to be extremely flexible with the weather and just go with the flow. If there is no lightning, and the rain is light, most of the time we continue with the session. However, sometimes we try to continue with the session and the weather only gets worse. In those situations we decide to reschedule and try again for better weather.

On the day of Lindsey’s senior session, it was supposed to be sunny. Clearly, that is not what actually happened. An hour before we started, the weather changed! It went from 20% chance of rain (which in the summer in Florida is nothing!), to 80%. When we got to Lindsey’s location, it was already misting. Luckily it didn’t phase Lindsey one bit and we waited a few minutes until the mist completely stopped. Though we did not have sun for her senior session, it did end up staying dry until we finished. Cloudy senior pictures in Florida can be really beautiful! The weather creates a moody vibe that you cannot duplicate on a sunny day. It is not ideal, but it is definitely something that I have learned to embrace as a photographer. If you are worried about rain on your session day, rest easy! We will still be able to create beautiful portraits. Click here to see another rainy senior session in North Florida.

Poses for senior girls in front of a lake. Senior pictures near a lake on a cloudy day in Fl Senior pictures taken in front of a blue building.

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