Horse and Rider Photos in Wellington

Laura & Denzel

Horse and rider photos in Wellington. Sunset, golden hour, bareback riding.

One thing that you can be sure of when taking horse and rider photos in Wellington is a well groomed horse, and a stunning model. I fell in love with Denzel when I met him! It is super clear why his mom, Laura, loves him so much. He is an incredibly handsome Warmblood gelding, but has the sweetest personality. Laura has only been riding horses for a few short years and Denzel is sure to take care of her. He is gentle, kind, but spicy enough to test his mom from time to time to help her grow as a rider. It amazed me how photogenic Denzel and Laura were! My job was so easy with the two of them in front of my camera. I am convinced that neither Denzel, nor Laura, can take a bad photo. That made choosing a favorite impossible to do!

I always love to take a trip down to the Wellington area for sessions. It is a pleasant change of scenery from North Florida. Though I love the rustic oaks and Spanish moss that North Florida has, the palm trees and salty air is appealing in South Florida. Every barn in the Wellington area is stunning, and they all have their own spectacular features. Riverbend Equestrian Center has a lovely hurricane proof barn. It has a modern design to it, and it is clear that the horses receive the best care. Laura would have nothing less for Denzel! Laura decided to decorate her home with a canvas of Denzel, which was a perfect fit for her style. We also decided an album was the best option for her to tell the full story of Denzel and his personality. I love the brass nameplate on the album, it really screams “equestrian”!

Black background fine art photographer in Wellington, FL. Horse and rider photos in white dressage breeches and white riding shirt. Horse and rider photos inspired by Vogue dress designs. Stylish horse and rider pictures taken in riding clothes with Warmblood horse. Woman wearing elegant gown posing with Warmblood dressage horse.Beautiful photo album for equestrian women. Luxury leather and silver stallplate.

Horse and Rider

Laura and Denzel