Western Horse and Rider Session

Charlotte, Whiskey, and Gage

Western horse and rider session in Tallahassee, FL with paint horse and rescue dog.

This western horse and rider session in Tallahassee, FL is one of my favorites so far this year. I love photographing women with their animals because I connect immediately with them. If you know me, then you know that I am obsessed with my dog and horse. Charlotte is also obsessed with her horse, Whiskey, and dog, Gage. We had so much to talk about and could have talked about our fur-babies for hours. Charlotte even put “Salley Fur Family” on the cover of her album! I think that sums up how we feel about our pets perfectly. They are so much more than just “pets”, they are a member of our family. Charlotte rescued Gage many years ago, and has owned Whiskey for a few years too. She has done so much work with Whiskey to make her the mare she is today.

The sunset in Tallahassee for this equine photography session was gorgeous! Tallahassee has gorgeous lighting in most areas since it is a pretty rural town. Luckily, we had a huge field to work in at the barn that Whiskey lives at. We spent the entire afternoon together loving on Charlotte’s babies. Gage was so sweet for his photos and I love the hugs and kisses that he gave his mom. Whiskey was equally as good and had plenty of cuddles in her too. Charlotte chose a gorgeous emerald green dress from Baltic Born for her last outfit. The photos we took right before the sun finally sank over the horizon are my favorites. Whiskey looks so sweet in them, the lighting is perfect, and Charlotte totally rocked the dress she wore. I am so thankful that Charlotte chose me to capture these memories of her little fur family!

APHA mare with her rider at sunset wearing long flowy dress. Baltic born emerald green dress. Cute black and white pictures of woman with her pets in Tallahassee, FL. Posing ideas with woman and horse at sunset with long flowy dress. Baltic born green floral dress. APHA Mare. Tallahassee professional photographer. Western paint mare with her owner and rescure dog in Tallahassee FL. Professional equine photographer. Woman photographed with her dog in Tallahassee FL by professional photographer. Posing ideas for woman and dog.

Horse and Rider

Charlotte, Whiskey, and Gage