Pet Studio Portraits in North Florida

Penelope & Roxie

Pet studio photography in North Fl and South GA

I have really been enjoying pet studio photography in North Florida! I love having pups come into my studio. It is so fun to see them loving on their humans and see how their humans react to the photos. Every time I do studio pet photography, we always “awe” over how cute the pups are being. It is not always cute moments, there are definitely some bloopers. However, for the most part we all have a great time and laugh a lot. That is the best thing about having dogs, they will always keep you smiling. It is almost impossible to look at photos like these without cracking a grin. Penelope and Roxie were excellent for their photoshoot! These two Dachshunds are so well loved and both young. It is always challenging taking photos of young dogs, but Penelope and Roxie really showed off for the camera!

I photographed Leslie and Michael’s wedding last year, and know Leslie from high school. When Leslie contacted me about doing photos of her and her mom’s Dachshund, I was so excited! I have been following Penelope’s journey since they got her after their wedding. She is the sweetest, and quickest little girl around. Roxie is Leslie’s mom’s Dachshund and these photos were a Valentines gift from her dad. Is this not the perfect Valentine’s gift? Men, take notes; women LOVE photos with/of their dogs! Dogs are members of our family, so it is only right that we photograph our time with them. These photos will become more and more valuable as time goes on. One day when Roxie is old and grey, her mom will look back and laugh at the pup photos of her jumping out of the suitcase! (Not pictured, but definitely funny). I had such a great time with this bunch!

Dachshund dog photography in studio in North FL Fur parents with their Dachshund in a north FL photography studio.


Penelope and Roxie