Guys Senior Pictures


Guys senior pictures in North Florida with old vintage truck.

Taking guys senior pictures can be so much fun! I have known Colby’s family since I photographed his older brother several years ago. Since taking his brother’s senior portraits we have done family photos together, and now Colby’s senior portraits. It is almost like a little reunion every time we get together! The Tedder’s are such a sweet family and I love that both Colby’s mom and dad were there for his session. His mom and I have joked that they now have a house full of photos we have taken together. Though we are joking, it is kind of true. Marsha has several walls decorated with photos from our various sessions together. Now, we have added another wall full of Colby’s senior photos to the list. Nothing makes a house more of a home than artwork of your own family decorating the walls.

Colby has played golf most of his years in high school. It was a no brainer that one of his locations would be the Suwannee Country Club, the golf course that the team practices at. The country club is a beautiful property, there are huge oak trees and even a large lake. Colby spends his free time fishing (he actually spent the earlier part of the day of his session fishing!), so we did a few photos by the lake with his rod and reel too. Later that day we traveled to the Boy’s Ranch to take photos with their family dog, Crispy, and an old vintage truck. If you know me, then you know that the photos with Crispy are my favorite! We finished the afternoon with a few sunset photos. Several years ago Colby’s brother had the most gorgeous sunset at his senior session, so we did our best to duplicate that photo.

Guy senior pics with letterman jacket on golf course. Senior boy poses Senior boy takes pictures with his dog and his truck in North Florida. Vintage truck with senior guy at sunset for professional photoshoot.

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