Stetson University Graduate Photos


Stetson University graduate photos taken near the fountain.

These are special Stetson University graduate photos to me. I have known Paige for several years now. She was on my senior model team while she was in high school. Not only did I photograph her at team events, I also did her senior session, and her prom photos. I was truly honored when Paige asked me to come down to Stetson to photograph her college graduate photos. Stetson is a little bit of a drive, but it was so worth it! Paige has always been a sweetheart, and so much fun to be around. We really enjoyed our afternoon at Stetson University together. Even though it had been four years since I last saw Paige, she is such a welcoming person that it felt like it had only been a few months. I really hope it is not that long before we see each other again!

Our afternoon started on the Stetson campus. I have never been to Stetson before, and I was shocked by it’s beauty. It is nestled away in a small town. Once you are on the main campus the grounds are immaculately kept and there were a lot of flowers blooming. My favorite part about their campus was the long palm tree walkway in front of the main fountain. I love how it looks so much like Florida. After walking around campus for a bit, we traveled down the street to downtown. DeLand is so cute! All of the buildings are older and have a lot of character. I adore the old theatre and it paired beautifully with Paige’s mustard colored shirt. I do not think our afternoon was long enough. I could photograph Paige all day. She is gorgeous both on the inside and out, she even remembered my posing tips from years ago!

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