Dance Senior Pictures


Dance senior pictures in north florida with tall grass and white dress. Pointe shoes.

Madison wanted to include dance in her senior pictures. I am always fascinated by dancers. They are so talented, flexible, and graceful. I have photographed several dancers over the years, so I have gotten the hang of what photos they want to have. It is always interesting to see their strengths. I have photographed dancers who love jumping poses, who are incredibly flexible, and who just want grace and beauty portrayed in their photos. Regardless of what they are after, I think it is great to have their hobby that they have spent so long doing in their senior photos. Madison really showed off grace and beauty in her senior portraits! Her white dress and blonde hair looked beautiful in the tall grass. The delicate poses are so gorgeous to me. We could not have found a better location for this stunning senior girl!

I love finding locations that fit what my seniors want. There have been many times where I drove around looking for locations just for a senior. Madison wanted a graffiti bridge. Luckily, I am very familiar with graffiti bridges (Live Oak has two!), so that location was checked off. She wanted tall grass for her second location. I called a few friends, made a drive to confirm the location, and found a location only a few minutes from the bridge. The graffiti bridge was perfect for Madi. She has the perfect combination of “grunge” with beauty. I loved getting to meet Madi and getting to know her. You can follow her on Apple Music, or Spotify, where she posts original music. It is safe to say this beauty has a few talents! Her voice is magical. I cannot wait to see where life takes Madi now that senior year is over.

Graffiti bridge backdrop for senior pictures in North florida with rock t-shirts Senior dance pose ideas for pictures in tall grass field during the fall. Senior pictures taken on old graffiti bridge in north florida. Senior pose ideas.

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