Goldendoodle Puppy Photos

Sunny & Truly

Studio pet photography with golden doodle puppies.

Sunny and Truly made for the cutest Goldendoodle puppy photos! When my cousin accidentally got two Goldendoodle puppies I immediately imagined them in my studio. Their family went for one puppy, but ended up getting two puppies instead. They ended up being perfect for the family! Sunny and Truly are full siblings, though Sunny is much larger than Truly. I am so glad that my cousin let them come into my studio together despite them being a little bit of a handful at the time. With patience and perseverance we were able to take some very cute Goldendoodle puppy photos. I love how monochromatic the photos are with the pups. Although I just had to take a couple of Truly on a pop of pink! It added the perfect little bit of “sass” into her photos. Goldendoodles are the best dogs, although I might be a little partial!

Studio dog portrait sessions can be a lot of fun! There are steps you can take to prep your doggo before coming to the studio to make your session run smoothly. A week or two before your session practice doing basic commands; sit, lay down, and wait. A little practice on your end will go a long way in studio! Once you arrive at my studio we give your pup a few minutes to acclimate. My studio is all concrete, so the pups are free to roam and get comfortable with their surroundings. Once your pup is comfortable we start the session! I like to take things slowly. Dogs are a lot like children, so we go at their pace. Sometimes the session takes fifteen minutes, other times we are able to photograph for an hour! Each dog is different so I am sure to adhere to their comfort level.

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Cute puppy photography in studio on pink seamless backdrop. Goldendoodle puppy photos in photography studio on brown seamless backdrop.


Truly and Sunny