Senior Model team session with motorcycles in North Florida.

This senior model team session was interesting for sure! We planned this session to be a “rustic” session. Behind my studio there is an old rusted truck owned by my landlord. I asked him if we could use it because I thought it was super cool. Each time I passed by it I imagined my senior model team girls there with it! When he said yes I started setting it up with the girls. The day was really overcast and we were pretty sure it was going to start raining. I am pretty sure at one point it did start drizzling. Luckily my girls are not scared of a little rain! The mood actually went pretty well with the theme that we had set up, so I did not mind the overcast weather either. I love the photos that we created with the old truck, but there was a surprise!

The Surprise

We were taking photos for only a few minutes when one of my landlords of my studio in Live Oak, FL walked over. He jokingly asked us if we would like to take photos with some motorcycles. All of the girls were immediately intrigued by the offer, so I said sure. I was not really sure what to expect! Within minutes we had access to five different motorcycles! The girls were so excited, so we just went with it. This session ended up being so much fun, even if it went a different way than we had planned. The senior model team girls could not stop giggling and talking about how much fun it was. I am so glad to have been able to offer them that experience! This session is just one of the many group sessions we do together. You can find other senior model team sessions here and here.

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