Equestrian Styled Photoshoot in Ocala, FL

Kendall, Bella & Lima

Equestrian styled photoshoot in Ocala, FL. Florida horse photographer. Grey horses. Stable to street.

Sometimes the most simple portrait sessions end up being my favorite. This equestrian styled photoshoot in Ocala, FL fit Kendall perfectly! Kendall and her two grey mares, Lima and Bella, are stunning models… I do not think any of them can take a bad photo! Kendall is a horse girl to and through. She lives and breathes horses and spends most of her time at the barn or at horse shows. When we were putting together her outfits, Kendall loved the idea of going with “stable to street”. Odette, a clothing brand store at the World Equestrian Center, helped Kendall put her outfits together. They could not have been more perfect! Kendall and her mares totally owned their equestrian style. I had a blast with them and am still in love with all of the photos that we took together at Terrapin Hill Farm, located in Ocala, Florida.

One of my favorite parts of being a photographer is my clients seeing their photos for the first time. I love seeing the grins that go from ear to ear, and hearing how much my clients love their photos. It was so hard to narrow down photos of Kendall, Lima, and Bella. The three of them are stunning, so it made it nearly impossible. When this problem arises, I always suggest getting a photo album of the photos. Albums are handmade, stunning, tell a story, and can keep as many photos as you would like inside. There is even a custom stall plate that we can add to make it “equestrian”. Kendall chose to match her two mares and went with a black Italian leather album and silver stall plate. The combination is gorgeous! I am thrilled that I was able to create this memories for Kendall and her family.

If you are ready to plan your equestrian portrait session, what are you waiting for? All of my portrait sessions are customized to each client. I am here to help you every step of the way: planning, being confident while shooting, and creating gorgeous artwork that you will love for years to come. I cannot wait to chat with you about creating photos of you and your horses that you LOVE!

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Horse and Rider

Kendall, Bella, and Lima