Fun Senior Model Photoshoot with Paint

Senior Model Team

Fun themed group photoshoot with senior models and paint.

What a fun senior model photoshoot with paint this was! I love watching the girls get creative. We always have a plan for our photoshoots, but during the photoshoot is when their creativity really blossoms. Whether it is with pose ideas, or changing backdrops, these girls are always down for a good time. Originally this photoshoot was just to finger paint canvases. It was mostly just a social for the girls to have fun and get a little artsy. To start with the sheet was just to sit on the grass and paint on. Eventually, things got messy and the sheet ended up covered in paint… so we decided to finish the job! I love how the sheet ended up being the perfect backdrop for our photoshoot. This session definitely ended up messier than planned, but the photos from it turned out so cute and creative… it was worth it!

This year I have a lot of spontaneous girls. They are really down for ANYTHING. Once the ideas start flowing, they do not stop! After we were all covered in paint, one of the girls suggested they jump in the pool to rinse off. Understandably, not every girl wanted to jump in the pool with their clothes on. However, a few of them did and the rest of us just laughed! I do not think there is anything these girls will not do for either a cute photo, or a good memory… in this case both! Not many girls can say they jumped in a pool with their clothes on during a photoshoot because they were covered in paint. It is moments like these that make me realize how much I love my senior model team. These girls are all gems, and I am so happy to know them!

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