Tallahassee Horse and Rider Photos

Ann Michelle & Fatty

Tallahassee horse and rider photos taken at sunset at Dover Farms. Shelly Williams Photography

This session has some of my favorite Tallahassee horse and rider photos. Ann Michelle and Fatty are the most photogenic pair! I loved Ann Michelle’s vision when she came to me. She told me about how her and Fatty “matched” with their long, black hair, and wanted to capture that in their photoshoot. We did a lot of poses where their hair appears to blend together as one. I think it is a neat way to capture not just their bond, but to show that their bond goes deeper than the surface. It was so cute to see the way Ann Michelle and Fatty connect. They know each other so well, and Fatty’s goofy personality is hard to miss. I have several blooper photos of Fatty doing something ridiculous and Ann Michelle bursting into laughter because of it. It is amazing the life, and happiness that horses bring into our lives.

We took photos of Ann Michelle and Fatty at WC Dover Farm near Tallahassee, FL. This farm is gorgeous, and historic. The sunset was stunning and we had the most gorgeous golden light coming in over the trees. It was the perfect way to highlight their gorgeous, matching locks! Although this photo shoot took place in mid October, it was actually really hot. You would not guess it from Ann Michelle’s sweaters, but I know she was burning up under them. Luckily, she is so photogenic that it didn’t show through at all in the photos! I think I could photograph this pair every day (I know I say that a lot). They were fabulous in front of the camera and really sparked me to be creative to make sure I captured Ann Michelle’s vision for the shoot. I still cannot choose a favorite from this session, can you?

Beautiful golden hour near Tallahassee, FL. Woman and her black dressage horse take photos together. Black background fine art equine photography in Tallahassee, Florida. Fun horse and rider photoshoot near Tallahassee, Florida during the golden hour with woman and her dressage pony.

Horse and Rider

Ann Michelle and Fatty