Sunset Horse and Rider Photos near Tallahassee

Heather & Bailey

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These sunset horse and rider photos near Tallahassee, Florida are so cute! Heather and Bailey are the sweetest pair together. Heather has owned Bailey for a number of years now. Bailey is a Thoroughbred and used to carry Heather around in the jumper ring. Now, Bailey is retired and enjoying some R & R time in a large pasture with his pal, “Buddy”. Geldings are always a little silly, but Bailey definitely takes humor to the next level. Heather could not stop laughing at him the entire session! He was constantly trying to go for treats, or steal the show by blocking Heather’s face. It is very clear how much Heather adores him, and for obvious reasons too! Bailey is an old man now, but I would have loved to see him during his prime with Heather. They share an unbreakable bond and Heather’s made sure his retirement is enjoyable.

Sessions like this are so meaningful to me. For those who do not know, I started photography because of my first horse. I would sit in his pasture every afternoon and photograph him at sunset. Unfortunately, that was before DSLR cameras and before I was familiar with storing photos digitally and printing photos. Many of the photos I have of my first horse are gone. I would give anything to have a session like this with my old man before I lost him. If you have an older horse, what is stopping you from booking a portrait session? I promise you… from experience… they do not live forever. One day all you will have are photos, and I hope they are good ones! Don’t make the mistake I did. Document these times with a professional photographer and print photos that you will (quite literally) cherish for years after your heart horse is gone.

If you are ready to start talking about how we can create a beautiful portrait session for you and your horse, fill out the contact form on my website or email me directly at

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Horse and Rider

Heather and Bailey