Professional Horse Photographer near Ocala

Jacquie, Chloe, Sophie, & Cici

Professional horse photographer near Ocala photographs Warmblood mare and foal with owner.

Contina (Sophie), Cavallina (Cici), and Catania (Chloe) photographed with their owner, Jacquie, at Prosperity Farms in Williston, Florida.

Jacquie and her three mares are stunning! When Jacquie first reached out to me, she said that she had an “impossible” request to get all three of her girls in one photo. This was going to be quite the task because her oldest mare, Sophie, has a history of being a protective momma. Sophie is Jacquie’s heart horse and she rode and competed on her for years before retiring her to becoming a broodmare. Three years ago Sophie had her first foal, Cici. This year Sophie had Chloe who is only around a month old in these photos. Jacquie lives up north and the mares stay at Prosperity Farms in Williston, Florida. This photo session was her first time meeting baby Chloe. It was so sweet to capture on camera!

In order to give ourselves the highest probability of success with this photoshoot, we first photographed all the mares individually with Jacquie. Andrea, owner of Prosperity Farms, was a huge help in getting ears up and baby wrangling! Once we had photos of everyone individually, we attempted the “impossible”. Andrea did an amazing job of getting Chloe to stand exactly where we wanted her. Believe it or not, there was a very limited amount of Photoshop done to these photos. All three horses stood attentive which allowed us to get a few “picture perfect” shots before Sophie tried to eat Cici (not pictured). I am so happy that Jacquie has this special memory of her three girls together!

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Horse and Rider

Jacquie, Chloe, Sophie & Cici