How to Choose a Location for Senior Pictures


One of the top questions my seniors ask is “How to choose a location for senior pictures?” When Lexi and I first talked about her photos, she said that she wanted something different. She did not want the same thing that all her classmates had. There were a few specific requests she had which made it difficult to find the perfect spot. Lexi wanted a water feature, but she did not want trees around the water. This was hard to find in Florida, but I did a lot of research and managed to find a location that suited all of Lexi’s requests. Cedar Lakes Woods and Gardens is a botanical garden in Williston, Florida. There is a variety of landscape and it’s main feature is built around an old quarry. It provided Lexi with exactly what she was looking for: something different.

I always tell my clients, I am here to help you as much, or as little as you need. At this point, I think it is kind of my motto because I say it so much! When seniors are struggling with choosing a location, there are a few things I ask them.

Where do you like to hang out?

Does your family own, or vacation somewhere sentimental to you?

What is your style?

It is easy for me to choose a location that I like, but I want to make sure my senior’s like the location too. I want their session to tell a story, not just be “pretty photos”. My favorite locations by far are private locations family owned by my seniors. A close second is any location with good lighting. Regardless of what you have in mind for your senior session, we can make your dream come to life!

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