Creative Photography in Thomasville, Georgia


There are times when I need to experiment as a photographer. Whether that be with new methods, new models, new locations, or just time to relax and be creative. This creative photography in Thomasville, Georgia is one of my recent favorites. After doing a portrait session at the Thomasville Rose Garden a few weeks prior to this shoot, I could only think about going back for more. The roses were blooming beautifully, and I absolutely love the color they add in photos. I convinced a friend to let me photograph her and I spent the afternoon being intentional with what I was photographing. When I am photographing clients, I have a certain amount of photos I need to deliver and have to meet expectations. I love photographing friends because there is no pressure, and no expectations to meet. It allows me to truly be creative.

Here are two other sessions photographed at the Thomasville Rose Garden: Nellie and Abbie.