Horse and Rider Photoshoot at Cavallo Farms

Carson, Seamus, & Bailey

I have so many favorites from Carson’s horse and rider photoshoot at Cavallo Farms, near Tallahassee, FL. Carson first reached out because she wanted cap and gown photos with her horse. Seamus, an Appendix gelding, has been her rock through many changes in her life. They have traveled all over the east coast together, so Carson wanted to commemorate one of their life achievements. As we talked more, we decided to photograph both of her horses. Bailey came into Carson’s life just a few years ago, but has proved to be a life-long companion for Carson. She is a gorgeous Warmblood mare, and incredibly photogenic. It was super hard for me to narrow down these photos to share with you all. Believe it or not, in typical Florida fashion, it poured rain during hair and makeup. We had even started to consider rescheduling when the sky suddenly cleared, and we ended up with a gorgeous afternoon.

One of our goals during this session was to capture just one photo of both horses together. Carson was not sure if we would pull it off since Bailey is still green, and the two horses live on separate properties. We waited until we had already gotten several great photos of each horse individually before attempting to put them both together. I always recommend this, just in case the horses do not get along and it puts a halt to our session. I set Carson and Bailey up where I wanted them, then had Carson’s mom hand her Seamus when I was ready. The two horses became immediately interested in each other! We could not capture them standing still, so I asked Carson to walk with them and we ended up with the cutest photo of the two horses staring curiously at each other. Mission accomplished!

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Horse and Rider

Carson, Seamus, & Bailey