What to wear for horse and rider photoshoot. Outfit ideas for equestrians.
Carson and Bailey Photographed at Cavallo Farms near Tallahassee, Florida. Sunset photoshoot of girl in pink dress and her horse. Bareback horse and rider photoshoot.

One of the most asked questions by my clients is: “What am I supposed to wear?!” Trust me, I have been there too. I have been planning my own horse and rider session with my pony, and I’m even struggling with what I want to wear. Before we get started with recommendations, there are a few questions you can ask yourself to give you a starting point on what to wear for a horse and rider photoshoot.

Ocala photoshoot with Horse and Rider. Equestrian styled outfit with dress from Odette Boutique, paired with tall boots.

Questions to Ask Yourself

1.       What time of year is my session, and what will the foliage look like during that time?

2.       How do I want my photos to make me feel when I look at them?

3.       Where will I hang these photos in my home, and do I want to match my current décor?

Horse and rider photoshoot in Gainesville, Fl at sunset taken by professional equine photographer.

Once you know your answer to these questions, you can start diving into colors, styles, etc. All of my horse and rider sessions include two outfits, so I always recommend a casual outfit and a more formal/stylish outfit. You can think of your casual outfit as the “safe” option. Be sure that it is something easy to move around your horse in, like breeches or jeans. You will want to keep the colors neutral in this outfit. Your casual outfit will be photos that you can hang anywhere, and match anything. Your second outfit you can get a little more “crazy” with! This outfit might evoke a certain emotion, or set a specific scene for your photos. Maybe you want something whimsical for your home, or maybe you want loud colors to make a statement. Regardless of which you choose, having two outfits is a sure way to have plenty of photos that you love.

Tallahassee equestrian photographed with her pinto Thoroughbred gelding at Gray Lily Farms. Free Ride Equestrian outfit. Florida horse and rider photographer.

Other Things to Consider

There truly is not a “right” or “wrong” way to style your horse and rider session. That is what makes each session unique to you! If you are struggling to find styles that you love, browse my blog, or Pinterest to start getting ideas. You can also browse a few websites to pick out current trends. Some of my favorites to refer clients to are: Baltic Born, Free People, Altr’d State, Lulu’s, Hello Molly, and Vicidolls. If you are wanting to make a statement, there are places where you can rent gorgeous dresses specifically for photoshoots. Some that I have used are: Flutter Dress Rentals, We Are Reclamation, The Kindred Soul Dress Rentals, and Utah Gowns. If you are really hung up about what to wear, I encourage you to reach out to a local boutique. Boutiques have employees who are fantastic at creating outfits for specific purposes. 

A few things to think about when being photographed with a horse is their coat color. Different coat colors work better with certain colors, and alternatively clash with certain colors too. A general rule of thumb is if you wouldn’t wear that color saddle pad/halter, then don’t wear it for your photos! For example, most people wouldn’t put an orange saddle pad on a chestnut, but green looks gorgeous. 

Tampa equestrian photoshoot with three western pleasure horses during golden hour.

As always, I am here to help my clients every step of the way. I am more than happy to receive photos of potential outfits if you would like my opinion. During your consultation, we will discuss your style and what direction would be good for you for outfits. I am willing to answer any question you might have to be sure that we create photos that you will cherish for years to come. After all, your horse is special, these memories are special, and we want to make the most out of it. 

If you are interested in booking your own horse and rider photo shoot, fill out my contact form here.


What to Wear for a Horse & Rider Photoshoot