Equine Attorney

Kimbrell Hines

Equine Attorney at Law. Horse lawyer. Equestrian business branding.

Did you know that branding sessions aren’t just for product-based businesses? Actually, most of my branding clients sell a service. Kimbrell is an equine attorney and wanted photos that showcased her vast knowledge of horses and equine business. She has experience in multiple disciplines and wanted photos that were relatable across the equine community, not just in one area. These photos were all taken the same afternoon and on the same property. Together we coordinated outfits, ideas, and locations around the property to give her the most variety to reach the largest equine audience. Now, she has photos to give her content for months on her social media and a variety of photos to send publications when writing articles.

If you are ready to elevate your business with branding photos, let’s talk! Together we can create a session custom tailored to your business to provide you with the most benefits and ROI. View more on equestrian business branding sessions here.


Kimbrell, Equine Attorney