Horse Photographer in Ocala

Brittany, Uno, & Mickey

Horse photographer in Ocala, Florida. Fine art photos of retired horse and dog.

Brittany, Uno, and Mickey photographed at Golden Gate Equestrian by Ocala horse photographer, Painted Oak Photography.

Brittany has owned Uno for 20 years. They competed together when Brittany was a junior and she has taken immaculate care of him ever since! You can tell they share a special bond, even in Uno’s retired age. He was a perfect gentleman and stood quietly for his photos. Mickey, who Brittany has also had for a decade, was on his best behavior too. Mickey hasn’t always gotten along well with Uno and Brittany spent a lot of time leading up to their session practicing with them together. Her efforts went a long way and we were able to create truly stunning photos of the three of them together. Mickey even posed by himself with Uno–which means there was NO composites made for this gallery. I love the true interaction and emotion we were able to create of them together!

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Horse and Rider

Brittany, Uno, and Mickey