Senior Pictures in St Augustine


Posing ideas for senior pictures on the beach. Senior Photographer in St Augustine, Florida. Old Town Senior Photographer. Hot pink outfit.

Natalie wanted to take her senior pictures in St Augustine because her family has spent a lot of time there. They travel to St Augustine often for vacations, so it is a special place to her. Natalie is very sentimental, which is my favorite type of senior to photograph! Not only is the location she chose special to her, but she wore family heirloom jewelry in her photos too. Almost all of the jewelry pictured has belonged to her ancestors, some pieces came all the way from Italy! I love that she wanted to include a special part of her heritage in her senior photos. It was fun to photograph poses that made the jewelry focal points too. Simple things like including jewelry can make senior sessions so much more meaningful. Now, Natalie will get to tell her family story each time she opens her senior album to show off her photos.

If you have followed me for some time, then you know that I travel to St Augustine often for senior photos. It is a popular place among my home town because it is just at two hours away, and is a cool city. Each time I go to St Augustine I try to do something a little different than the time before. Though it is a popular place, I know that my seniors want to have unique photos. Luckily, St Augustine is full of interesting streets and buildings. My seniors outfits plays a huge role in where I decide to stop for photos in downtown. In Natalie’s case, she LOVES pink! There were a few locations that had gorgeous Bougainvillea flowers. We could not have found a more perfect spot for her photos. There were even a few horse and carriages that stopped to say “Hi!” and be in Natalie’s photos.

Here are a few other recent St Augustine senior sessions: Hayley (Class of 2022), Natalie (Class of 2022), Rhiannan (Class of 2022), Adrienne (Class of 2022).

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