Equine Photographer near Gainesville FL

Leo, Kappi, & Gramm

Gorgeous jumper gelding photographed on a black background in fine art form near Gainesville, FL at Archer Farms.

It is always a fun time at Archer Farms and I am honored to have been to their farm several times taking professional photos of horses near Gainesville, FL. Archer Farms is owned by Sharleen Exler and they specialize in hunters and jumpers. The farm is conveniently located about twenty minutes from the University of Florida campus as well as Santa Fe College. I know of several students who have kept their horses there throughout their college years. At Archer Farms your horse receives top notch care while under the guidance of a professional trainer. One of my favorite features of the farm is the spacious paddocks. Grass is abundant and most paddocks have gorgeous shade trees. The barn temperature stays cool during the hot Florida summers, a necessity! There are two rings and an entire course (or more) of jumps, cavalettis, and anything else you might need for training.

The horses pictured here are owned by boarders of Archer Farms: Leo, Kappi, and Gramm. Gramm, unfortunately, was put to rest shortly after these photos were taken. His goofy personality will forever live on through these photos, and I am thankful to have met and captured his beauty.

Fine Art

Archer Farms