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Tater, G, & Henry at Spanish Moss Stables

Fine art equine photographer near Tallahassee FL. Black background equine photo with multiple horses.

Spanish Moss Stables has the most gorgeous horses! When Kellie asked me as an equine photographer near Tallahassee FL to take pictures of her bunch, I was so excited! Not only is Kellie a fantastic human and equestrian, but her horses are just as great as she is. Tater, G, and Henry were super stars for their photos. Each one was on their best  behavior and made sure that I got their “good sides”.

Before taking these photos Kellie asked me if it would be possible to have a photo with all three of them together. These horses are not pastured together, and she was worried about having them photographed at the same time near each other. No worries! I came up with a few poses that we could include all three horses in and made sure to photograph each horse in different angles. After her session I showed Kellie several mock-ups of different poses we could do that included all three horses. Kellie chose her favorites, and I went to work! My favorite is the front facing composite that shows each of the  horses facial markings. A composite is a compilation of several images to create one image. It requires some time in Photoshop, but can yield fantastic results. It is a safe way to have your horses photographed “together” without risking anyone getting injured.

Here are some other composites that involve multiple horses: Twister & Cappy, Ponderosa.

Fine Art

Spanish Moss Stables