Equine Photographer near Jacksonville FL

Sara & Nelly

I have known Sara since before she purchased Nelly, and I have loved being their equine photographer near Jacksonville, FL. This is our second photoshoot with Nelly. This pair always brings their A-Game outfit and posing wise. We always have the best afternoon together! Sara is always so full of joy, we just laugh the entire afternoon. I am so glad that Nelly came into her life and taught her all of the ropes of horse ownership. As we all know, it is not an easy task owning a horse and there are always highs and lows. This session was a little bit different because we had never taken photos of just Nelly before. Sara learned how to braid and practiced leading up to her session. In my opinion, the braids look pretty great… especially for Sara just having learned a few weeks prior! Nelly was definitely a star during her photos, she always is!

If you are looking for an equine photographer near Jacksonville, FL, I am your girl! My hometown is just over an hour west of Jacksonville, so I have grown up around the area. Now, I enjoy going to Jacksonville mostly for horse shows and portrait sessions. Although horse and rider portraits are my favorite, fine art photos are a wonderful way to represent your horse proudly as a piece of art. There are multiple package options available to you depending on your needs. Barn discounts are also available if multiple riders are interested in fine art photos of their horse. If you have been thinking about reaching out, what are you waiting for? There is no time like the present, and you will never regret having gorgeous photos taken of your best friend.

Here are other photo sessions that I have done with Sara! Here & Here.

Horse and Rider

Sara & Nelly