Alabama Hunter Jumper Association

Holly & Kos

The Alabama Hunter Jumper Association puts on several shows at Fox Lake Farm, a premiere Hunter/Jumper facility in Birmingham, Alabama. Holly has been competing in AHJA shows for years with her horse, Kos. These two are a perfect match and complement each other so well. It was really a joy to get to photograph them together and see their bond. Holly laughed at Kos’ silly antics and handled him so well. It is clear the time that these two have spent together over the years. My job as a professional equine photographer near Birmingham, Alabama is easy when the duo is as great as these two! We actually were rained out on the first day of photos (hence the lighting contrast). We decided to try again the following day and had great weather. Plus that meant I was able to spend two afternoons with Holly and Kos, a real treat!

Moving to Alabama and establishing my business here has been difficult. However, I love that I have been able to meet people like Holly, and her sweet mom who owns the local tack store, Carousel Tack Shoppe. The tack store is just outside of Birmingham conveniently located on Cahaba Valley Road which is where a lot of the equestrian centers are. I was really impressed when I visited Carousel Tack Shoppe! It is a small, but well organized shop with everything you might need as an equestrian. Plus, they have current brands that are sought after right now. Don’t worry, they also carry some of the tried-and-true brands as well. The staff is incredibly friendly and can help you with whatever you might need. They can also give you recommendations on local events, services, and professionals. I encourage you to stop by and spend a little bit of time there!

Horse and Rider

Holly & Kos