Senior Photos on the Beach in Florida


Senior photos on the beach in Florida with airplane and stormclouds in the background.

One thing I love about senior photos on the beach in Florida is the variety it creates. Some would argue that you do not get much variety on the beach, but I completely disagree! Especially for Kaylin’s session when we arrived at the beach to find a crashed airplane. Don’t worry, everyone was okay and they were trying to find a way to remove the airplane. You can’t blame us for taking advantage of this unique moment though! We just had to take a few photos with the airplane in the background. The next day, Kaylin’s mom texted me a photo of the article explaining what happened. Apparently it was a crash landing which resulted in some damage to the plane, but the pilot was okay. Luckily, we arrived after the crash. Now Kaylin has a memorable story from her senior portraits!

Before heading to the beach, Kaylin wanted to take pictures in downtown St Augustine. This is another location that provides a lot of variety. Most of my seniors don’t have a preference as to where we go downtown. I make it a point to walk in a different direction with every senior. This way they all get something unique! Luckily St Augustine is full of beautiful streets and buildings, you just have to avoid the people walking around. We found several perfect areas for Kaylin’s senior photos in St Augustine that went well with her outfits. Kaylin was a little nervous at first (everyone is!), but she warmed up quickly and we spent the afternoon laughing and having a great time. It was a pleasure to get to spend the afternoon with her and her mom and I’m thankful they chose me to take her senior photos on the beach in Florida.

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