Horse Photographer for Wedding

Alexia, Tyler, & Aloha

Horse photographer for weddings takes pictures of bride and groom at sunset with veil flowing in the wind and horse. Equestrian Wedding.

If you are wanting horses to be involved in your wedding, there’s a good chance that you also want to hire a horse photographer for your wedding. Alexia and I met years ago, before her and Tyler were even engaged in fact! We met because of their business, Beyond the Track Apparel. I have photographed several branding and product sessions for them over the years. I was ecstatic when they asked me to photograph their wedding! It became even more exciting when Alexia told me that she wanted to take photos with her horse, Aloha, after their wedding ceremony. The dogs were included too, of course! I love weddings, though I don’t photograph as many as I used to simply because I have chosen to specialize in other things… like horses! So, I’m very happy that I got to be a horse photographer for their wedding.

If you’re a horse girl, there’s a good chance that you have dreamt about having your horse at your wedding. Let’s face it, we all spend countless hours with our horses. Whether they’re directly involved in life events or not, we make decisions based off them. Where we will live is determined by where the closest barn is. Who we marry is determined by them encouraging our horse hobby–or not. What time we wake up depends on if there are horses to feed. Our life revolves around our horses, it only makes sense for them to be at one of the most important days. If you’ve been thinking about having your horse at your wedding, I say do it! However, if you’re on the fence or it’s just not possible, I encourage you to put your dress back on. After your wedding get all dressed up again and have photos taken with your horse in your wedding dress. You won’t regret it!

Do you want horse photos at your wedding?

If it sounds like I’m speaking directly to you, then let’s set something up! You can always get back in your wedding dress and create those photos you’ve dreamt about since you were a little, horse crazy, girl. Contact me here!

Horse and Rider

Alexia and Tyler Wedding