Little Britches Rodeo Association

Maddi Silva

Little Britches Rodeo Association member has photos taken of her with her horses by professional equine photographer in Alabama.

Photographing these four on their family farm was so much fun! Maddi competes each of these horses with the Little Britches Rodeo Association. You can say she is an all-star because she competes in multiple events. In fact, the week after we took these photos she traveled to Guthrie, OK to compete in the National Finals Rodeo in goat tying and poles. It takes a special kind of rider with a lot of work ethic to be able to compete in multiple events at a high level. Maddi has clearly put in the effort! We finished taking photos right at sunset, and Maddi immediately turned on the arena lights and started practicing. If there is anything that youth learn from horses, it is hard work and dedication. I know Maddi’s parents are so proud of the horse woman she is becoming!

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Horse and Rider

Maddi Silva